Our Success stories

Samiah Ali

Dana/ Jewelry Making Workshop

“Working at Dana Biosphere Reserve’s jewelry making workshop has increased my family’s standard of living and allows me to educate my children,” says Samiah Ali. Also known as Um Bashar after the eldest of her four children, the 40 year old craftswoman has been manipulating copper, silver and bronze to create distinctive jewelry for Wild Jordan for around 14 years. Although Samiah faced her brothers’ disapproval for working outside the home, her parents were supportive. “I have a steady monthly salary and this has helped me to support myself and my family. Having control of my own financial resources gives me independence.” Samiah credits her job with giving her a more confident personality and has led to her establishing business relationships with other people in her rural community. “Wild Jordan’s workshops in Dana have resulted in lots of jobs being created and there are now many opportunities available for our community.”

Ghaziah Hamad

Dana/ Fruit Drying Workshop

Ghaziah Hamad has been working for RSCN since 1998 as a production employee at the Dana Biosphere Reserve dried fruit workshop. Forty-five year old Ghaziah is mother to a two-year old girl named Leen, and loves being known as “Um Leen” (mother of Leen). Working at the dried fruit workshop, Um Leen has gained a lot of experience and her goal is to become production manager one day and help develop the workshop further. When it came to working, “most of my family was very supportive,” Um Leen said. “A couple of my brothers weren’t that supportive, but I am proud that through my job I have been able to financially support my family.

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